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About Us

Alony Consultants is a specialized consulting firm, focusing in tailored planning, design and management services in the built and natural environment sectors. We have been working for clients in Australia/New Zealand, North America, The European Union and the Middle East for over a decade, with projects ranging from multiple-residential buildings in Israel & Poland, through masteplanning of new cities in Australia and Dubai, to large-scale infrastructure projects crossing the EU and The Great Rift Valley. 


Still, we kept both feet on the ground and we're motivated to serve our clients and improve our environment. We never shied away from a good project, even when it looked impossible at the outset. We bring creativity, enthusiasm and proven problem-solving capabilities to projects of any scale. 


Unlike most consulting firms we start every project by listening: what are you trying to achieve? what are your constraints? and  - while it might be shocking - why not do it yourself? We often find that the answer to the latter question is what really brings the best of us and the project, when we provide a truly added value to something new.


We'd like to hear more from you and learm more about your needs – please contact us via mail at

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